A late update

21 11 2009

This time of year is just crazy busy, it’s hard to be a good blogger. But I’m trying!

Here’s a little photo review of a couple of this week’s eats:


Wednesday - chicken breast w/ broccoli slaw

The spiky looking things are bitter melons.

Thursday - Giant sushi dinner!

Thursday was a bad eating day only because I was in such a rush I was only able to have a Glo Bar in the morning (technically afternoon since it was after 12 when I woke up and rushed off to class), then I didn’t get back til 6pm and was starving. I had to go straight to work, so I picked up some sushi at Sushi Villa in the Bloor West Village. I haven’t had sushi in awhile, so this was really really satisfying! I was very full, but was feeling peckish when I got home at 10 pm and ended up eating some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies while I caught up on The Office and Community (a really great TV show if you’re not watching it already!).

My run got canceled Thursday because it was raining. I also had a horrible migraine almost all day as I usually do when it rains. Lately, Advil hasn’t been working for me as well as it used to. It works for awhile, then wears off and I hate taking medication unless absolutely necessary, so 2 is the most I’m willing to take in a day. I’m going to have to find some natural methods of dealing with migraines. I read somewhere peppermint tea can help, so I’ll give that a try next time.

Because I was asked to cover my co-worker’s shift last minute, I had to forgo my swim too, so no exercise for me since Tuesday 😦 And I was feeling really strange on Friday, so I skipped my workout yesterday and decided to step up my workouts this weekend to make up for their absences this past week.

I’m going to a local craft sale later today, which I’m kind of excited about. I’m hoping to stumble upon some x-mas finds. At the very least, I’m excited for the festive environment they’re sure to have. Christmas is almost here!! And no snow yet! (Don’t want to jinx it.) I love fall weather!

Anyway, on the menu for today:

  • Green monster. I’ve replenished my spinach and Almond Breeze stock after a week of being out. It’s going to be a green monster-y goodness filled week!
  • Salmon. I just finished writing an article about foods that improve brain function, potentially helping with studying for exams. Salmon and other cold-water fatty fishes were on the top of the registered dietitian endorsed list I compiled. Omega 3 fatty acids improve blood flow to the brain, enhancing brain performance.  I’m going to try it with a maple soy glaze inspired by Eaternotarunner and her friend Emily.
  • Potato, onion, spinach, mushroom and cheese frittata adapted from this recipe. Will post a pic of it later, but it won’t be pretty! Somehow it got stuck to the casserole dish even though I sprayed it liberally with non-stick spray. Pretty much all of the pieces fell apart as I removed them from the dish and put them into a container. Oh well. I guess I’ll go back to using the cast iron skillet (and get an authentic looking frittata) next time.

More tomorrow…(or later today, we’ll see.)




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