Oh boy…

26 01 2010

…I really am a bad blogger with no signs of transformation anytime soon. I am SWAMPED with school work and for the first time in my academic career, I’m actually working hard. That’s right, blog folks, I’m a total slacker. I hate to admit it. In fact, I lie about it all the time to everyone around me. They think and assume I’m “studying” when really I’m watching t.v. on my computer. Over the last 5 years I’ve probably caught up on all the popular shows out there. It’s sad.  I really don’t know how I managed to get by with decent grades in school, but it sure explains the weight gain. Though, life is a lot of fun when all you really do is watch t.v. and movies and go out partying with your friends.

Now that that confession is out of my system, I have to say I feel pretty damn proud of myself for (almost) staying on top of things for the first time ever. On the flipside, I haven’t had much of a social life this past month. I’ve only been out partying once, and have met up with friends for dinner maybe two or three times. Sad, sad, sad!

Part of the reason is also because my body has been failing me time and time again these past 4 weeks. First there was the “food poisoning” episode around boxing day and then again before New Years. Then I was sick again with the same symptoms about two weeks ago. And last week I pulled my back somehow and broke out into hives. All on top of a crazy workload. FML.

After the 3rd vomiting episode, I began to see a pattern and suspect that it’s been an allergic reaction, not food poisoning or the stomach flu. Last January, I discovered I’ve become mildly lactose intolerant. I LOVE cheese and ice cream, so the thought of cutting it out of my diet for good is really tough, particularly the cheese (pizza is my go-to take-out meal). Then I discovered the Lactaid pill (a.k.a. the lactase enzyme). I felt a difference immediately after taking it. I could add cheese to my meals again. It was my saviour!

For about a month.

Then the vomiting episodes happened. I had cheese in each of the meals I ate before I got sick. And guess what? Yup, I took a lactaid pill before the meal.

I read up on the possibility of the pill causing similar problems and found other people have had the same reactions as me. They’ve used Lactaid with no repercussions for a while, then all of a sudden they’re vomiting. Apparently you can develop an allergy to the lactase enzyme.

Anyway, I’m scheduled to go seen an allergist to get tested and have stopped taking Lactaid in the meantime. I’ve tried to reduce my dairy consumption as well. I think I’ve spent more time at my doctor’s office than in class this past month.

I can’t believe I never got around to posting my 2010 resolutions. I started a post, saved it so I could upload food pics, never got around to uploading the pics, then got caught up with school and health problems. Food-wise, I’ve been eating well for the most part. I’ve also been taking a lot of pics, so expect a very visual post soon. Exercise-wise, the last couple of weeks have been pretty bad. Between dehydration, exhaustion and lack of time, I’ve only managed to get a couple of swims in (about 1-2 times a week down from 3-4). I’m going to kick the swims up because, with my back, that’s the only thing that doesn’t bother it.

I don’t even know how long it will take my back to heal considering sitting down aggravates it, and well, I have to sit through 3 back-to-back 3 hour lectures on Thursdays and have 2 other 3 hour lectures during the week. Then of course there’s the sitting at a desk at work and sitting a computer to study.

Yikes, that was more of a venting session than an update. Sorry!

Upcoming posts:

  • 2010 resolutions (and how they’re progressing so far).
  • January Eats in pictures.
  • A recap/review of a TBA Winterlicious restaurant I’ll be checking out with some friends next week.

Hope you bloggies are doing much better than I am! 🙂




One response

3 02 2010
Tamara Lea

SUCH a bummer about the lactose issues. I have all kinds of digestive weirdness. I saw a Dr., and he wasn’t able to help. Hate that!

BTW, I’ve recently taken up swimming. We’ll have to exchange breathing tips!

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