January in pictures

9 02 2010

Amy's No Chicken Noodle Soup with coriander garnish, french bread with earth balance

Butternut squash fries! Yum yum YUM!!

The not so yummy Larabar - Cocoa Coconut Chew

Breaded tilapia fillet, 1/2 C parboiled rice, sauted brussell sprouts, zukes and bitter melon

Lentil soup aka daal with onions, those square chunks are boiled bitter melon, the long green thing is an okra

Wild rice, roast chicken drumsticks, brussell sprouts, zukes, broccoli and red pepper

Loot from my first trip to Whole Foods! Brought home a hearty lunch of potato salad, noodles with tofu, pasta salad and some kind of bean salad

Quick sidebar on my trip to Whole Foods: Wasn’t overly impressed by the selection. It was super expensive and quite a trip since there are only 2 in Toronto (well technically only 1 in Toronto and 1 in Oakville). I randomly headed over after my early morning class finished and I had the rest of the day off so I thought I’d check it out. I wish I’d gone with a game plan though. I couldn’t remember all the fantastic brands/products the blogs rave about, which is the only reason why I’d shop there because my local fruit stands, health food stores and grocery stores all offer organic fruits/veggies and a lot of the popular health food brands, e.g. the Larabars, I found a Luna bar at one health food store, Mary’s organic gluten-free rice crackers (which are very YUM!), etc. What I did like about Whole Foods was their famous prepared foods bar. I brought a nice little container of deliciousness home, along with some really good vegan chocolate mousse, almond butter and a just-add-water minestrone soup mix.

Now back to the show…

Salmon with my new fave go-to veggie side dish: sauted b.sprouts, zukes, broccoli, mushrooms and red peppers (with some basil, garlic powder, oregano, rosemary, s&p sprinkled on top)

My mom's homemade veggie and chicken soup

b.sprouts, broc, red pepps

French toast with whole wheat bread

Garlic toast on whole wheat bread with earth balance and fresh pureed garlic

Mixed greens with cukes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, garlic shrimp, and half a can of mixed beans marinated in a champagne vinaigrette

Delicious pineapple, mandarin orange and weird looking bruised cherries

Gnocchi, cukes, red onions, mushrooms, broccoli, red pepps, tomatoes, avocado

A close-up of the pasta dish showing how the avocado and tomatoes made a nice creamy/pesto-consistency sauce

Spring mix greens, cherry tomatoes, blue berries, shredded rotisserie chicken breast, avocado (yes I'm obsessed with it right now!)

homemade guacomole--avocado, diced red onion & tomatoes, pinch of salt, pepper and paprika, squeeze of lemon/lime

homemade butternut squash and red pepper soup with some quinoa thrown on top, roasted bitter melon and butternut squash fries on the side

Yikes, my stomach’s growling! Hmm…what to have for lunch today? *note to self: don’t forget to take food pics!*




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