The Blog Plan

14 02 2010

Most of the time I’ve been failing to write new posts because I frankly have nothing interesting to report on. It’s usually the same old routine, the same old menu, the same old exercise…seems like a waste of time to post another salad pic. So taking a cue from some of my fave blogs, I’m going to get organized. I love me some structure, with everything in its place. Unfortunately, due to my lack of discipline, things don’t always follow a set plan. So I’m going to stay true to myself and set up categories (is that the right technical term? or maybe theme is a better word) for posts.

This blog was set up to chronicle my journey of living a healthy lifestyle with all the other stuff thrown in too, so the majority of posts will have to do with food, exercising, and motivation (or struggles with it).

I’ve come up with 6 categories for weekly posts (am I getting a bit too ambitious?). So with my ridiculous(-ly bad) sense of humour, and in keeping with the blog name, here are my (not at all clever) attempts to coin some phrases:

Recipangles – Recap of a new recipe I’ve tried that week. This will be my motivation to start cooking new things.
Exercisangles – Review of the my weekly workout plan. Report back of what I did and if I tried anything new.
Inspirangles – Featuring famous inspirational quotes, these posts will be all about motivation.
Entertangles – My take on entertainment – movies, tv shows, Toronto hot spots (restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs), etc.
Blogangles – I love discovering new blogs, so these posts will re-direct you to my fave post of the week at blogs I read.
Shopangles – A discussion of purchases, wish lists, fashion trends, etc.

Let’s be honest, I’m not going to post everyday. But hopefully this structure will help me work up to it. Stay tuned!




One response

22 02 2010

I’m having the same problem, blogging is taking a back burner, and my posts are all over the place!

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