Exercisangles – The first cut is the deepest

8 03 2010

Baby I know…

There’s a concept floating around the blog world right now about how a little bit can go a long way. In particular, I was reading a recent post on Shedding It & Getting It where Rachel talked about how “just a bit can get you fit.” I totally believe in that concept, because I experience it on a regular basis. If you’ve read my blog you’ll know that Consistency and I haven’t become friends yet, but I do go through cycles of routine behaviour…until I fall off the wagon.

After about 2 months of not running, I finally got out there the other night and the runner’s high I got really motivated me to get out there again soon. I went out on Thursday night on a whim. I was feeling restless and wanted to clear my head. I hear about runners who say running helps them clear their heads and gives them time to think. Well, I’m not at that point yet. All I can think about is not giving in to my gasping breath and pounding heart and pushing myself to run one more minute before taking a walking break. But I like the idea of being a zen runner. (I do my clear headed thinking in the pool.) In any case, I managed to get myself out the door, which is usually 3/4 of the battle for me.

Once out there, I struggled through a run/walk workout (the cold night air was quite a shock to my system) and when I got home and gmapped my route, I found I’d done 5k! It took me 40 mins to do it, not the best time, but I figure I’ve got over 2 months before the Toronto Women’s Run 5K race May 30 to improve it.

The main thing was that the route I chose was doable and I never would have guessed it was 5k. Struggling through that first jog was exactly what I needed to spur me on. This week I’m planning on following the 8 week training plan from the race website. For the first time, I feel like I can actually do it.

And to use the analogy of the first cut being the deepest, getting through the challenge of that first run motivated me to go to the gym for the first time since December. I had actually planned to use the pool since I was going to be missing my usual swim, but the school gym’s pool was closed when I got there, so I decided to do a strength workout instead. I haven’t done one of those since I hurt my back, but it’s feeling almost normal so I went for it.

I ended up doing a total body workout:
-Squats with a weighted bar on a bosu (3 sets of 12-15)
-Lunges with biceps curls (1 set of 20 on each leg with 10 lb. weights)
-Ab curls on a stability ball (1 set of 25)
-Ab pull-up and push up on stability ball (2 sets of 15)
-Glute exercises – kick back, fire hydrant, wrap around tree (20 of each on each leg)
-Leg lifts on a stability ball for outer thigh (60 on each leg)
-Biceps curls (3 sets of 6 with 10 lbs.)
-Chest press (2 sets of 12 with 10 lbs.)
-12 lb. medicine ball biceps curl, shoulder press, triceps extension (2 sets of 20)
-20 push ups (10 elbows wide for chest, 10 elbows back for triceps)
-Stability ball inner thigh squeeze with triceps push back (2 sets of 10 with 10 lbs.)
-Standing dumbbell row (12 wide elbows, 12 elbows close to body)

I think those were all the exercises I did. I was only planning on doing 30 mins, but once I started, I ended up doing a full hour and got a lot done. It’s been so long since I’ve done weights, I’ve forgotten that sore muscle feeling. Nowadays, I only experience slight soreness, but after that workout, I’m feeling the pain. Particularly in my arms and chest. It really hurts to straighten my arms!!

So, although that first cut is the deepest, I’m glad I got it over with, because I know the more I go the less pain I’ll feel. And the sense of accomplishment is sooo worth it! I can’t wait to go back 🙂




2 responses

8 03 2010
Rachel @ Shedding It

I used to go through cycles and one cycle was always, like, JUMPING off the wagon, knowingly and willingly. Ugh. Congrats on getting back out there again! It can only get easier, right?!

12 03 2010

Oh yeah that’s exactly what I’ve been going through this last year! Thanks for the encouragement and all the inspiration!

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