Recipangles – Homefries for homeday

3 04 2010

So it’s a gorgeous day. Phenomenal warm breezy weather that I absolutely love love love, and what do I do? Stay indoors. In my basement room. In front of the computer. ALL DAY LONG! I stepped outside for a split second and got to bask in some sunlight, just the burst of vitamin D I needed, before guilt drew me back to my laptop.

I have my final English paper due tomorrow night and I’m only half-way done. šŸ˜¦

But of course, it’s not like I spent the whole day working on the essay. I got my Project Runway fix (Maya, what were you thinking, crazy girl?!) among my other faves (CastTV is a freakin fantastic site I’m addicted!). Sigh, that’s one of the downsides of long weekends that are religious/family oriented. Maybe if my friends were around, I might have procrastinated and gotten out of the house. Oh well, in the end it gave me the extra time and luxury of cooking for the first time in weeks!

I was in the mood for breakfast food and a bag of baby potatoes caught my eye immediately. I haven’t had potatoes in awhile, so I contemplated roasting them, nixed that idea since it would take way too long with my oven, and decided to make HOMEFRIES!

I’ve tried making homefries in the past but they ended up being raw and gross, so I was a little scared. I was also too lazy to look up a recipe, so I winged it.

After chopping up the potatoes (4 little babies), I sauteed them in olive oil (about 1 Tbsp) on MEDIUM heat. (I think my problem in the past was cooking on high, burning the outside and having a raw inside.) Then I added some salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder, before covering for about 5 mins. I chopped up half a white onion in the meantime, added that and covered for another 5 mins, stirring occasionally. Then I chopped 2 slices of turkey bacon, added that and covered, stirring occasionally for maybe 15-20 mins.

It took a loooong time, about 45 min in total but I also made an omelet with tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and a little cheese sprinkled on top, while the potatoes were cooking. Even though I burned the bacon a little bit while I was making my omelet, it still tasted amazing! The potatoes were cooked to perfection!

Beats a restaurant breakfast anyday!

Normally, I would have split the meal in two because it was a lot of food, but I was really hungry, having woken up late, so it was a hearty, filling comfort food-esque brunch that I Daily Plate-calculated to be about 550 calories. Reducing the amount of potatoes, getting rid of the turkey bacon (or just 1 slice would be plenty), and using Eggbeaters or egg whites instead of the whole 2 eggs, would significantly slash the calories.

I will definitely be making this again (and again and again and…)! Especially once I figure out how to reduce the cooking time. Any suggestions?




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