Entertangles: Cuba Recap

1 06 2010

I have been in vacation mode ever since I got back from Cuba. I can’t believe the impact a relaxing vacation can have on the body. All that exam stress just vanished after a few days of sun, sand and surf. Of course, mojitos and unlimited booze helped!

Strangely, it also seemed like the longest week ever. The weeks before and after the trip breezed by, but during, I started to count down the days until we went back home. There’s only so much tanning, swimming and drinking you can do for 7 days straight!

I won’t bore you with the details because, frankly, we didn’t do a whole lot to report back, but I did get some pretty pics.

Here’s the soundtrack of our vacation to get you in the mood…

At Pearson International airport in Toronto, I saw:

We said goodbye:

And endured 4.5 hrs in the air…

To arrive at:

The beaches were beautiful:

The weather the first day was not:

After a few days of on/off rain, we were finally able to enjoy the sun, surf and sand:

We went into Varadero one day to see the sights and do some souvenir shopping:

Of course, we traveled in style:

I also saw a lot of strange and beautiful critters:

There were dinners and dancing:

Near the end of the trip, we visited:

And enjoyed some:

Followed by:

Finally the week came to an end and we headed home off into the:

But what’s a health blog without some food pics? (However, the buffet meals were not at all appetizing and I forgot to take my camera with me after the first day…)

My friend Emily being cautious for our first meal, sticking to fruit, cukes, potatoes and pasta

Lasagna from the a la carte Italian restaurant

Dessert at the a la carte - Tiramisu

Final Thoughts – The vacation came at the perfect time and really allowed me to learn a lot about myself. I traveled with my good friend and her friends who I didn’t know at all.  In the end, we all shared a lot, having spent almost all of our time there together, and became good friends. (Bonus: I progressed with my new years resolutions of getting out of my comfort zone and making new friends!)

Also, I discovered my love for the ocean, stinging salt water and all! Past experiences swimming with slimy fishies in boat-filled diesel-y fresh water lakes and burning my eyes, nose and throat while snorkeling in the salty Caribbean had me convinced I was only meant for chlorine filtered pools, and though I realized last year that swimming is my exercise, finding that I was thriving in the ocean really proved to me I’m a true water sign (cancer)!

It’s already been a month, but since I’m only taking one course in summer school, it’s been hard to get back into work mode. Especially with the nice weather we’ve been having. Makes me want to go back to this:

One day, I’m going to move to the west coast so I can live by the ocean…One day…*sigh*




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