Entertangles – Strut for a Cure 2010

26 07 2010

This post is long overdue, but I thought I’d do a little pictorial review of a charity fashion show I went to back in May.

Strut for a Cure is an annual charity fashion show supporting the Coast-to-Coast Against Cancer foundation, an organization that helps childhood cancer charities. Supermodel Coco Rocha helped start up the Strut for a Cure event and headlines the fashion show.

Coco Rocha being interviewed...yes, I was that close! (the guy in the back in the red and white t-shirt is her hubby)

My friend, Caley convinced me to skip class and seize this rare opportunity to dress up, drink up and eat up while mingling with the glitterati, taking in a fashion show featuring the designs of Todd Lynn and watching Dragonette perform live. For $95, I thought the perks and the cause were totally worth it. And it was!

Unfortunately, we arrived fashionably late:

(As you can see, I wore my sexy silver shoes 🙂 )

Which meant we weren’t able to get into the overcrowded room where the fashion show was taking place. Instead, they projected the show onto a wall.

That gave us the chance to hit the open wine and beer bar and eat some fancy schmancy (and delish) hor d’oeuvres. But we also kept trying to get into the room to see the fashion show and ended up missing the whole thing. The security people were being very strict since the room was over capacity and it was a fire hazard and a liability, yada yada…

However, our persistence paid off.

People started leaving the room after the fashion show since it wasn’t air conditioned and hot as hell in there. We were able to see Dragonette up close and personal!

There was a cool dance performance after Dragonette:

Then I took in some street style:

I love the purple checks! Hot! (shirt from Mexx)

A crazy Beyonce-esque fingerless 'glove' (from an Indian occult shop somewhere in Toronto).

Matching tuxes - adorable! (the guys from Pook toques)

Lovely lace - I love the intricate detailing of lace. I'm really liking the black lace overlay trend.

More intricate details (a Forever 21 necklace. Now that's a classy steal.)

Interesting shoes...can't decide if I love 'em or hate 'em...

Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with edgy footwear?!

After much chatting with random people, drinking, and dancing, we were ready to leave the party in a happy drunken fog with our crazy amazing (cramazing?) SWAG bags.

I had been attempting to get a picture with Coco Rocha all night with no luck. Finally before she left the party early, I snagged this shot. Though, not with her, at least it’s focused (few of my pics that night were 🙂 )…

Although I had my reservations at first, particularly with the uncertainty of what to expect at the event, I’m so glad I went.

It was just an overall fun night on the town, where I got to get dressed up, have an almost-sorta celebrity encounter, drink free wine and snack on fancy appetizers. I’ll definitely be doing it again next year!


Shopangles – Silver Shoe Porn

26 07 2010

I had a wedding reception to go to awhile ago. I found a gorgeous dress on Bluefly (see it here):

Ali Ro blue silk ruffle dress (The back is really pretty too)

When I got the dress in the mail, I found I’d bought it a size too large and it needed some shape in the waist. So I solved that problem by borrowing this sparkly belt from my sister:

definition and pizazz...what more could you want in an accessory?

However, I was left with a big dilemma–SHOES! In my mind I could picture exactly what kind of shoes I wanted to wear with this dress. A delicate dress like that needed a sexy pair of silver cage heels to edge it out a little and match my personal style. A quick Google search for silver cage heels brought me to the perfect pair…

Luichiny silver Starbound cage heels

*Sigh* But those gorgeous shoes and I were not meant to be. They were available from a variety of outlets (just Google the name and you’ll find a bunch of sources) including the all-powerful Amazon but none of the places shipped to Canada! 😦 I spent a whole night looking for a replacement before I finally gave up without any luck.  I figured I’d go to the mall and see if I could find a close substitute.

Shopping day #1 @ Sherway Gardens. I was really disappointed with the shoe selection at the shops there. Luckily, old faithful Aldo brought these lovelies into my life:

Aldo Macnamara in Medium Silver

Unfortunately, they really clashed with the belt (I forgot to take it with me when shopping = big mistake). I kept them as a back-up, but due to my many splurges on bathing suits for Cuba and what not, I eventually returned them.

Shopping day #2 @ Vaughn Mills. Success! After A LOT of walking around that gigantic mall, I found a pair of shoes that fit my purposes at Le Chateau.

*imagine heavenly chorus harmonizing in background*

Walking (or hobbling...) on the street late at night? Never fear, these ice pick heels will do some serious damage!

What I love about these cage heel-type shoes is the ankle support. Definitely a useful attribute of 4-inch heels.

The shoes were actually pretty comfortable and easy to walk-in. By the end of the wedding reception my feet were a bit sore from the height and because they’re not used to wearing heels regularly.  Then again, I wasn’t on my feet for very long that night.

After having worn the shoes on another occasion for a long night of dancing and standing for at least 2 hrs straight, I was impressed that I was still able to walk!

My feet were definitely in pain, but the shoes have never given me any blisters or anything. Only a faint numbness in my toes that was a bit worrisome because it lasted for a few days, but it eventually went away.

The things girls endure in the name of fashion!

Numbness aside, I can’t wait to wear them again. A sure sign I made the right decision.

Have you made any great shoe finds recently? (Share, share, share! I’m a sucker for HOT shoes 🙂 )

Inspirangles – One year older, one year wiser…?

3 07 2010

So, yesterday was my 24th birthday! I’m celebrating tonight by having some friends over for a BBQ.

On the menu:

  • Lean beef burgers
  • Soy burgers (President’s Choice brand) – I’ve never had these before, so I’ll do a little product review for any interested Canadians
  • Veggie burgers (Amy’s Kitchen California Burger)LOVE these! One of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had.
  • My homemade guacamole, store bought salsa + tortilla chips
  • Scallops
  • Veggie skewers with red pepper, red onions, mushrooms, and zucchini
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Salad of spring mix greens with a lemon/honey/garlic dressing
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple for dessert
  • Courtesy of friends: pasta salad and cupcakes

I’m very excited, but I’ve got a busy day of prepping ahead of me.

With another birthday, comes a new year.

It’s been a rocky year, but I definitely feel I’ve come a long way mentally, emotionally and physically. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bunch of times, but I keep getting back on enthusiastically (which I think is the key word here).

The last couple of months, working out and healthy eating have been sporadic efforts on my part. I’m feeling really inspired to get back into a steady routine.

The start of July brings not only my birthday, but I’ll be starting my summer job working as a camp counselor, which means full-time hours (waking up before 12 pm and potentially going to bed before 12 am–huge change for a night owl like me!), lots of physical activity during the day (no more sitting in front of the computer or reading boring textbooks all day), and MONEY!! 🙂

In the last month, I’ve started writing a bunch of posts, unfortunately they required pictures and I couldn’t find my camera in the mess that was my room. But after an obsessive declutteration, I found it and will subject you to a barrage of posts over the next couple of days. Expect: SHOES!, a celebrity sighting, and lots of food pics.

To all you Americans, Happy 4th of July!

How are you spending your long weekend? What dishes are in your BBQ repertoire?