Entertangles – Workout Music

22 06 2011

Hello! Look at me, posting two days in a row! LOL 😀 Just a quick one today to share some tunes. My Eurotrip recap will probably take me a while.

The other day I was talking to a friend about how certain songs can bring back vivid memories, transporting you back to that moment when the song made an impact on you.

I was out for a run in the rain one day and near the end of my route there was a steep hill. Normally I stop running and walk it, but then this awesome upbeat song came on my ipod and I felt a burst of will power to try running it.

Today I was out for a long walk listening to my ipod and the song came on and took me back to that day. It’s just an awesome song by an amazing artist, so I thought I’d share it.

The song is Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding. I love her whole album ‘Lights.’

I also love to run to her song Guns and Horses.



Exercisangles – My 1st 5k Run!

21 06 2011

Finally, after a looong looong time of wanting to, I actually ran my first official 5k race!!

Finisher's medal - sa-weet!

I decided to sign up for the Toronto Women’s Run on a whim a month before the race date and was lucky to nab one of the few remaining spots. My friend tried to sign up a few days later to join me, but the race was completely sold out!

After this last school year where I’ve been very sedentary and haven’t made time for regular exercise, I was hoping signing up for a race would be the kick in the butt I needed to get back into a working out groove. Unfortunately, it was the last month of teacher’s college and I just couldn’t find the energy to train seriously.

I was aiming to finish in 35 minutes or less, which might have been doable if I’d trained 3 times a week for the whole month, but I only managed 2 or 3 runs. 😦

One of those runs was 2 days before the race. I pushed myself to finish in 35 mins and I actually managed it 🙂 Unfortunately, I was sooo sore and stiff the next day.

Not only were my muscles sore, but the weather forecast called for rain on race day. Add to that first race anxiety and a sleepless night–well I was definitely thinking about bailing.

I woke up on race day at 6am to a rising sun. The ground was wet, but there was no rain in sight. I was exhausted and seriously considered just going back to bed, but then I thought, “I’ve already woken up. It’s just a 5k!!! I can do this!”

So, I got up and went there and ran it!!
(Well ran and walked… 🙂 )

There was such a great vibe there! I loved that it was a women’s only run. There was just a lot of positive energy and even though they had chip timing, it just felt like a fun run. Everyone seemed really supportive, clapping and cheering on the half-marathon runners and faster 5k racers. The volunteers were so helpful and also very cheerful which made the run all the more bearable 🙂

I ended up with a time of 40:02.  I can’t say I’m particularly happy about that, but I see it as a starting point from which I can improve my time. And now that I’ve gotten over my first-time racer anxiety, I’m very excited to sign up for more races this summer!

I fully intend to sign up for the next race in the Toronto Women’s Run series. They have a 10k/5k coming up in August. If I actually start training, I might just attempt a 10k this time around. Also, one of the draws of the T.O. Women’s run is they have firefighters volunteering at the water station. Pictures of past races showed hot, shirtless firemen!! But they weren’t there this time around so I’m definitely keeping an eye out in August 😉

I have to say, participating in the race really inspired me to continue to train and improve my running. It gave me that kick in the ass I needed! 🙂

Next post: a recap of my whirlwind Euro trip to London and Amsterdam!