About Me

Hi! My name is Ruby. I’m a 20-something transitioning from university life to the real world (yikes!). Along the way, I’ve fallen into the trap that too many students fail to avoid–the dreaded frosh 15 x 4 yrs. Well, in my case it was 30 lbs in 3 years, but the I’ve been trying to lose those pounds for the last 3 years and it’s been quite the struggle.

The "Before" pic

I’m hoping that, with this blog, I’ll finally be able to achieve the healthy lifestyle I’m striving for. Of course, being a 20-something entails a lot of pressure from all angles–school, full-time job-hunting, part-time job, attempts at a social life, etc. So, it’s all about finding a balance. I can’t imagine giving up nights out checking out Toronto hot spots or missing out on the delicious eats at the phenomenal street festivals and Summerlicious/Winterlicious restaurants.  Instead, I’ll have to embrace that moderation is key!

The "In Progress" pic

Basically, this blog will consist of my ramblings on All Angles of my life–food, fitness, nights out, fashion finds, Toronto, etc.–all the craziness and all the mundane.  🙂


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18 11 2009

You look great! Congrats 🙂

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