Joining the Twitter bandwagon…

12 09 2011

I’ve created a Twitter account now that I have a smartphone and it’s possible to tweet when something interesting happens. It’s definitely likely I’ll tweet more frequently than I blog!

Follow me if you’d like: @rubysangles
And bare with me as I learn how to use it properly 🙂


Back to blogging…?

30 05 2011

Well, I did it. I survived the crazy, intense year at teacher’s college and now I’m finally done! In 3 weeks I’ll be a bachelor of education graduate and a fully certified teacher!

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. As soon as I got used to the new hours, workload, people, it was over. But it was great! As I mentioned before, I feel so lucky to have found the career path that suits me perfectly. Now if only I could find a job…

I figure, now that I’m done, I can use this free time to job hunt and refocus on my health and weight loss journey.  And so I will re-attempt to be a blogger!

This past month, I’ve been trying to return to a health conscious way of living, which for me means I’ve begun exercising regularly and cooking my own meals again.

I finally tried hot yoga last year and fell in love with Moksha Yoga. I’ve been going to classes sporadically all year, but have started attending more regularly over the last few weeks.  Right now I go about 2-3 times a week. I’d like to try a 30 day challenge sometime this summer.

I also started swimming and running again. I signed up for the Toronto Women’s Run and ran my first real 5k race!! That was one of my biggest goals for the year and I’m so proud I followed through and accomplished it. I’ll have a recap of that coming up soon.

I really miss photo-documenting my meals. It was a great way to be accountable and forced me to cook. With more time on my hands, I’m looking forward to trying out new recipes and using fresh veggies and herbs from my garden.

Reader beware: I’ve never been a consistent blogger, but I do have good intentions. Let’s see what happens…!

Busy little bumble bee

15 11 2010

Yikes, it’s been awhile! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. Crazy, crazy!

As you may recall from an earlier post, I got into teacher’s college in the spring and started the program in September. It’s just been go, go, go since.The hours have been a huge adjustment for a night owl like me.

For the last 6 years, I’ve always tried to schedule my classes to be in the afternoon or evening. When I had classes before noon, I would eventually stop attending them because I just couldn’t wake up for them after going to bed at 4 a.m.

Now, my classes start at 8:30 a.m. and I have no choice but to attend. They do attendance! And it’s hard to be inconspicuously absent when there are only 30 other people in your class…

So that’s how my September and October went, adjusting to the early days and working on assignment after assignment. The important thing is that I’m absolutely loving my program!!

I finally found the career path I was meant to be in. When I started, it was like a light switch went off. Literally. I never really believed anyone who said that until I experienced it for myself. So have hope!

November is when we’re placed in an actual school to practice what we’ve learned and teach real classes for ourselves. I got really lucky and was placed at a school nearby my house and teaching my specialty–marketing. It’s like for the first time in my life things are lining up perfectly 🙂 It’s exhilarating. And exhausting.

Although I’m ecstatic that my school/work life is finally on track, my health is not doing so well.

In the summer I developed some strange foot and ankle pains that flared up during and after running. A trip to a sports doctor diagnosed the foot pain as plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to diagnose the ankle pain except chalk it up to tight muscles.

He told me to take it easy with the running depending on the pain level, so I did, but the ankle pain (a sharp pain that felt like a muscle or ligament in my ankle had twisted suddenly) would flare up mid-stride every time I went out.  I, of course, took the lazy route and stopped running altogether.

In fact, I completely fell off the wagon (again) for the last few months. I haven’t been swimming either. Every once in awhile I’ll do an exercise video. I just got a bunch of Core Fusion dvds and I’m loving them.  But the lack of cardio and the not-so-great eating has meant I’m at an impasse with my weight loss and it’s been more maintenance or weight gain than anything.

I was suddenly struck with some inspiration today, though, which led me back to the blog world. I hope I can take some of that enthusiasm for work and carry it into healthy eating and exercise.

I’ll try to check back in with my progress, and some of the food pics I’ve taken over the last few months, soon!

Inspirangles – One year older, one year wiser…?

3 07 2010

So, yesterday was my 24th birthday! I’m celebrating tonight by having some friends over for a BBQ.

On the menu:

  • Lean beef burgers
  • Soy burgers (President’s Choice brand) – I’ve never had these before, so I’ll do a little product review for any interested Canadians
  • Veggie burgers (Amy’s Kitchen California Burger)LOVE these! One of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had.
  • My homemade guacamole, store bought salsa + tortilla chips
  • Scallops
  • Veggie skewers with red pepper, red onions, mushrooms, and zucchini
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Salad of spring mix greens with a lemon/honey/garlic dressing
  • Chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple for dessert
  • Courtesy of friends: pasta salad and cupcakes

I’m very excited, but I’ve got a busy day of prepping ahead of me.

With another birthday, comes a new year.

It’s been a rocky year, but I definitely feel I’ve come a long way mentally, emotionally and physically. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bunch of times, but I keep getting back on enthusiastically (which I think is the key word here).

The last couple of months, working out and healthy eating have been sporadic efforts on my part. I’m feeling really inspired to get back into a steady routine.

The start of July brings not only my birthday, but I’ll be starting my summer job working as a camp counselor, which means full-time hours (waking up before 12 pm and potentially going to bed before 12 am–huge change for a night owl like me!), lots of physical activity during the day (no more sitting in front of the computer or reading boring textbooks all day), and MONEY!! 🙂

In the last month, I’ve started writing a bunch of posts, unfortunately they required pictures and I couldn’t find my camera in the mess that was my room. But after an obsessive declutteration, I found it and will subject you to a barrage of posts over the next couple of days. Expect: SHOES!, a celebrity sighting, and lots of food pics.

To all you Americans, Happy 4th of July!

How are you spending your long weekend? What dishes are in your BBQ repertoire?

A week of ups and downs

16 04 2010

Hello Blogworld! It’s been a crazy week filled with fantastic news, sad news, and stressful deadlines. First of all, it was my last week of classes! All of my major projects and presentations are finally done! I just have an exam and a paper left, both due the same day. Even though I have one more course left to finally finish my undergrad, the atmosphere of spring classes is just not the same as during September-May, I feel like this is it, my undergrad is DONE!

One thing I’ve come to realize, I HATE APRIL! It seems April brings all the bad. There are exams, which suck of course, and then there’s all this tragic news I keep getting in April. Last year, my best guy friend died in a freak motorcycle accident. I still can’t wrap my head around it and am still in denial. Now this April has brought news of the deaths of a close family friend and a friend of a friend. Although I wasn’t very close to either of these people, after last year, I find any news of death affects me at a more intense emotional level than it ever has in the past. I’m not really sure how to deal with the emotions except by keeping myself busy, which isn’t difficult to do with exams coming up.

But I was feeling so down and numb all week, until I got a big envelope in the mail.

You see, back in December, I was trying to figure out my options for after I finished my undergrad. Should I just job hunt? Should I try to find an unpaid internship? Should I apply for a masters? And if so in what? Should I look into post-grad certificate programs at colleges? Should I apply for teacher’s college?

I’ve always thought about becoming a high school teacher. It’s always been in the back of my mind. But for the longest time, my parents didn’t approve. Being South Asian parents, they first wanted me to become a doctor. but I’m kinda a germaphobe, so no thanks! Then it was a pharmacist and I tried for it to please them when I was doing my B.Sc., but I really wasn’t interested and my grades weren’t good enough. That’s when I switched into business after my second year of university, and their expectations changed. They wanted me to become an accountant and eventually get my MBA. Well, accounting didn’t interest me enough to pursue it, but marketing did. I ended up majoring in marketing and thoroughly enjoying it. The only problem was the job security. With the way the economy is, finding a job is unpredictable.  I finally took a stand and decided, “Screw my parents’ expectations. I’m gonna do what I think is most suitable for me!”

So, in December, I applied for teacher’s college. And I GOT IN!!

I took my stand the week before the application deadline, so I really had to scramble to get it done in time and I wasn’t feeling very confident about it. It’s such a relief to know that not only do I have something lined up for September, but even if I don’t find a full-time job right away, I can substitute teach and make some steady money.

To celebrate, I’m joining a friend of mine and her friends on a girls’ trip to Cuba!

So, although the week started off on a sour note, it ended positively. And I guess that’s all you can do in these kinds of situations, focus on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Now, I’ve just got to learn how to stop procrastinating so I can get studying for exams out of the way and start thinking about my upcoming trip…

The Blog Plan

14 02 2010

Most of the time I’ve been failing to write new posts because I frankly have nothing interesting to report on. It’s usually the same old routine, the same old menu, the same old exercise…seems like a waste of time to post another salad pic. So taking a cue from some of my fave blogs, I’m going to get organized. I love me some structure, with everything in its place. Unfortunately, due to my lack of discipline, things don’t always follow a set plan. So I’m going to stay true to myself and set up categories (is that the right technical term? or maybe theme is a better word) for posts.

This blog was set up to chronicle my journey of living a healthy lifestyle with all the other stuff thrown in too, so the majority of posts will have to do with food, exercising, and motivation (or struggles with it).

I’ve come up with 6 categories for weekly posts (am I getting a bit too ambitious?). So with my ridiculous(-ly bad) sense of humour, and in keeping with the blog name, here are my (not at all clever) attempts to coin some phrases:

Recipangles – Recap of a new recipe I’ve tried that week. This will be my motivation to start cooking new things.
Exercisangles – Review of the my weekly workout plan. Report back of what I did and if I tried anything new.
Inspirangles – Featuring famous inspirational quotes, these posts will be all about motivation.
Entertangles – My take on entertainment – movies, tv shows, Toronto hot spots (restaurants, bars, lounges, clubs), etc.
Blogangles – I love discovering new blogs, so these posts will re-direct you to my fave post of the week at blogs I read.
Shopangles – A discussion of purchases, wish lists, fashion trends, etc.

Let’s be honest, I’m not going to post everyday. But hopefully this structure will help me work up to it. Stay tuned!

holy g-spot it’s the 2010 olympics!

12 02 2010

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games are starting today, folks!! Hope you’ll all be watching and supporting your favourite teams (GO TEAM CANADA!!!). I’m more of a summer olympics chick myself, but olympics are olympics, and bonus: there are hot men all over the place regardless (only drawback, they’re usually not half naked). And oh wow, what a coinky-dink, I’m on spring break starting today, so I’ll actually be able to watch quite a bit this year (hopefully).

Anyways, I just wanted to pimp that out since they’re going on just across the country from me! So tune in and enjoy! 🙂

What sports will you be watching??